Internships at Gambit Research

Gambit Research is a unique organisation. We are a tight-knit team of research mathematicians, computer scientists and trading analysts at the top of their chosen fields. We have developed a highly advanced research and trading platform that enables our clients to trade sports betting markets using proprietary HFT algorithms. We have leveraged our core technical competencies to build a world-leading execution brokerage product used by professional traders in over 70 different countries.

We are looking for individuals that are excited by complex problems to join our team for unique 8-12 week paid summer internships.see all positions 

Our Internship Program

A Gambit Research internship offers personal and professional development. The program will give you the opportunity to contribute to a complex computer science project, collaborating with multiple engineering and operations teams to deliver high-quality code. You will be able to learn from the best in the industry, develop your research and communication skills and acquire critical technical proficiencies. We strive to ensure that your work will be both enjoyable and impactful. We are able to offer numerous opportunities to grow with us. The available internships below are not exhaustive; if you meet our strict standards then it is likely we will have an exciting project available for you.

Available Roles

Role Requisite Skills
Building API clients to complement our execution brokerage platform Python, JavaScript, Java, C#
Developing front-end testing systems for quality assurance node.js, JavaScript, Testing Environments
Implementing new development frameworks JavaScript, React.js, HTML/CSS
Web and trading tool development JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Design Experience
SysAdmin and DevOps Python, Shell, Linux, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes
Automated liquidity pooling script and interface Python
Cross-matching trading engine Python, Postgres, SQL

Entry Requirements

  • Expected graduation date in 2018 for degree/masters applicants, or at any stage of a PhD
  • Completed projects or classes focused on the key skills.
  • Able to work legally in UK for the duration of the internship without VISA requirements
  • Able to work on-site for the duration of the internship

Essential Skills

  • A high level of competency in all requisite skills required for a specific internship role, or
  • Demonstrable skill (through git repos or university project work) of programming in an object-orientated, functional or dynamic language. Knowledge of Python or Erlang is extremely advantageous.
  • A predicted grade of 2:1 or higher

Program Structure

One Week Prior To Arrival

  • We will distribute documentation describing the organisation, details regarding your new team, and some advanced technical reading relating to your individual project

Week One

Day 1:

  • Short presentation – An Overview of Our Organisation: The history of the company, company structure, QA, communication pathways...
  • Tour: We will introduce the cohort to each departments, our available facilities and tech support
  • Meet Your Mentor: You will be introduced to your mentor and set a weekly meeting schedule
  • Project Review: Discuss your individual project with a senior member of the team

Day 2:

  • Develop a Learning Agenda: We want you to achieve as much as possible during your time with us. We want to identify your key goals and monitor your progress to ensure you get the most out of the opportunity.
  • QA Presentation: The quality of our code is of paramount importance. We will discuss our work standards and procedures

Days 3 to 5:

  • Daily 15 minute ‘stand up’ sessions with your mentor as you embark on the 8 to 12 week project

Weeks Two to Seven/Eleven

  • Weekly meeting with mentor to review progress and revise the learning agenda
  • Monthly meeting with programme lead/administrator to discuss issues, learning agenda and general feedback

Weeks Eight/Twelve

Day 4:

  • Present your project to your team, the internship cohort and senior management

Day 5:

  • Exit Interview with Mentor and program lead
  • Complete Student Evaluation form


To apply please solve our quiz or send your CV to including "Internship" in the subject line.

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