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Gambit is always hiring clever developers with a deep understanding of computers and an interest in mathematical and logical thinking. We are also on the lookout for highly numerate and motivated undergraduates to monitor the computer software running our clients' high frequency trading strategies.see all positions 


In addition to a generous salary and the opportunity to work as part of a world-class team of friendly people, we offer:

  • Discretionary bonus
  • Totally flexible working hours
  • Pension matching scheme
  • Private healthcare
  • Excellent holiday allowances
  • Sabbaticals for long service
  • Opportunities to attend conferences in the UK and abroad
  • Lots of technical books, always happy to buy more
  • Office chef twice a week
  • Employee days out
  • Height-adjustable desks
  • 2-4 monitors, mechanical keyboards, custom PC hardware

About us

Join our team of developers:

  • 73% run their own website
  • have 5.2 GitHub projects each
  • maintain a very popular python package
  • include a core PyPy developer
  • 14% have connected their standing desk to the office network
  • gather data on coffee machine usage onto a timeseries graph

Software Development

Our software team is made up of some of the very best developers and mathematicians. Each brings a unique perspective from their backgrounds in computer science, physics, mathematics, statistics and engineering. Developing our real-time system means focusing on concurrency and speed as we deal with massive data sets at very low latency.

Gambit's trading platform runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use a system of continuous delivery to respond quickly to changes in our data sources while avoiding downtime. This supports a fast paced development team made up of self-motivated individuals who organise themselves into small working parties for specific projects. We have a lightweight system in place to conduct code reviews and keep code quality high.

Gambit developers start writing production code in their first week with the company and take on responsibilities fast. There are opportunities to be involved with the recruitment process and other business operations for developers who have an interest in those activities.


As a Gambit Full Stack Developer in the Tools team, you’ll write code which helps the company discover and fix problems with the betting platform, and that helps us provide tools for spotting long-term patterns. The team works on a mixture of new feature implementation and maintenance tasks.

Skills and Competencies
You'll have:
  • Experience with JavaScript and React
  • Problem solving skills, and the tenacity to resolve technical problems that you might not have seen before
  • The ability to communicate well with others from a variety of backgrounds, and build strong, healthy, professional relationships
  • An interest in learning new skills and technologies
  • The ability to work collaboratively and productively in a team
  • A knowledge of Python
  • Openness to hear the technical suggestions of others, and find constructive solutions when these disagree with your own ideas
The following would also be good to have:
  • A working knowledge of HTTP and websockets
  • Experience developing with Linux, including the use of shell utilities such as grep, sed, find
  • Knowledge of Internet technologies and protocols
  • An understanding of concurrency problems and solutions
  • Have used Docker, Kubernetes and Gitlab CI
Qualifications and Experience
  • An excellent academic record, ideally a 2.1 (or higher) Bachelor's degree in a relevant subject - or equivalent experience
  • Previous experience of programming a significant commercial, or open source project in JavaScript (ideally with React). Please provide code or specific examples of what you’ve done, if possible. A GitHub address would also be very helpful
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We’re looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our MollyBet team. You’ll be developing interfaces built using a mixture of modern JavaScript, ReactJS, on top of Python microservices, and APIs, and providing expertise, guidance, and mentoring to others.

Responsibilities and Duties

On a day-to-day basis, your responsibilities will typically include:

  • Designing and developing enhancements to products
  • Using libraries and technologies as appropriate for the task
  • Developing code in a Linux environment
  • Coordinating with team members on the development of larger components or new products
  • Mentoring, guiding, and helping other developers, as appropriate
  • Learning new skills and technologies as requirements evolve
  • Giving input on the potential progression of the company and its systems
Skills and Competencies
  • The ability to work with the latest HTML and CSS, taking into account cross browser issues and performance over a wide variety of platforms.
  • Well versed in version control (Git) and CI environments (gitlab)
  • The ability to code in JavaScript, gained through previous commercial experience, work on personal projects, or through open source contributions
  • Experience with ReactJS, SASS, Redux / Immer or Immutable. Exposure to webpack, internationalization, performance optimizations is an advantage.
  • To be comfortable working in a Linux development environment
  • Exposure to Docker (docker-compose)
  • The ability to communicate well, both in writing and orally, and to quickly build strong, professional relationships with people from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • The ability to work productively in a team, you’ll also be able to work effectively on solo projects
  • An understanding of UX / UI principles
  • Experience with project management and team leadership
  • Exposure to Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of Web technologies and protocols (i.e. HTTP, HTTP/2, Websockets)
  • The ability to use a server side scripting language; ideally Python but alternative experience is also valued
Qualifications and Experience
  • An excellent academic record, preferably a Bachelor's degree or higher- or equivalent experience
  • Previous experience of developing in a commercial environment
  • Experience developing with Linux, including Bash scripting and the use of shell utilities such as grep, sed, find
  • Previous experience of mentoring and buddying would be useful, but is not essential
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